Yes, I am talking to you, so keep reading. You are more than half way there and you don’t even know it. You are at the website for the Kendall Park First Aid and Rescue Squad, reading the articles, looking at the images, and learning about your community. I will get back to this shortly.

When you hear a siren, do you say to yourself, “What’s going on? Where are they going? Is someone in trouble or hurt?” You are starting to show awareness. Keep reading, it gets better.

Have you ever seen an accident or a disabled vehicle on the side of the road and called 911 to report it? I’ll bet you said yes. Now, you are getting involved. Did you feel like you helped? Guess what, you did. If you answered yes and liked the feeling of helping or the satisfaction of knowing you tried to help, you are two thirds of the way there.

Getting back to the start of the article. You show an interest in the Community and the First Aid Squad. You have an awareness of emergencies going on around you. You like the feeling of helping. So, what are you waiting for. Click here to find out why others get involved.

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  1. If you have friends, relatives, or neighbors that have limited or no Air Conditioning, please remember to check on them. 100 degree plus days can be very difficult on healthy people. Anyone that is sick, up there in their years, or very young can be sensitive to the heat and at risk of severe complications. Remember to stay hydrated, cool and don’t forget to eat.

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