Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we are currently not holding community classes at this time. We hope to resume holding these in-person events as soon we can do so.

The Kendall Park First Aid & Rescue Squad has always recognized that training and education are key components to providing life-saving care during a medical emergency. To that end we have strived to provide a high level of emergency medical training to its members and the community we serve. The courses listed on this website are part of that effort.

The Kendall Park First Aid & Rescue Squad does not now, nor has it ever never, made a profit from the training it offers. In fact, our squad makes available its facilities and equipment for these courses without charge. However, in order to provide the high quality training we do at our facilities , we rely on instructors who are well qualified to provide the training they offer. Many of these instructors are members of our organization, but some are not.

Additionally, while some do not seek remuneration for their time, others do. Those that seek payment for their time, often do so at an amount far less than they are normally paid for their time, making the course less expensive then if obtained at another location.

Our squad is an all volunteer organization that relies solely on the donations it receives for its operations (including 24-7 operation of basic life support ambulances in response to 911 calls and community outreach, such as the training courses it provides). These donations come from a variety of sources, but most important is our annual fund drive.

Course fees usually consist of three components:

1. Administrative cost charged by the certifying agency (such as the American Heart Association, American Red Cross, etc.) for the costs associated with issuing of a course completion card, etc.

2. Cost for required books and non-reusable supplies, if any.

3. Instructors fees for their time and expertise.

Where appropriate, a course fee breakdown is provided for each class listed.

The courses offered on this list are offered by our organization as part of our community outreach effort. The content of the courses was not created by, nor, is it necessarily endorsed by our organization and we will not be liable for anyone’s reliance on the content.

Course pre-registration is required for all courses listed, unless specifically indicated otherwise.

All courses are subject to cancellation due to emergencies or lack of sufficient enrollment.