Construction 2012

The Kendall Park First Aid and Rescue Squad receives a much needed facelift.

After 50 plus years of service, the ageing building is in the process of repairs and upgrades.  When the building was originally constructed, parking “station wagon” style/size vehicles was not a problem.   Now, with enhanced patient care and additional state of the art equipment, larger vehicles are a must. The simple reality is, the vehicles with a price tag in the range of $200,000 won’t fit through the existing doors.  Additionally needing roof and structure repairs only left the option of a major upgrade/repair.

Being an all volunteer First Aid Squad, not charging for emergency services, and surviving on donations makes this project a major undertaking. The slideshow on this page shows the progress of the construction project.  If you would like to be involved in your community helping your friends and neighbors, we are always looking for more volunteers. If you can’t volunteer and still want to be involved, please help us help you and your community by donating.  To donate, please click on the button below.





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